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life's too short

i can't expect people to be perfect all the time. and they can't read my mind. i'm too hard on people i think, and i really need to learn to take things in stride and to not get so emotional about everything. people say things, and sometimes they don't mean the things they say or they can be genuinely sorry. or sometimes, all they're doing is trying to help. and me jumping down their throats or resolving to never deal with them again... well, that's not the way to handle problems and i really need to learn that lesson and have it stick. i love my friends, even the ones i never see. and i just want everyone to be happy. and i think seeing people happy will make ME happy.

i don't know why, but realizing i'm leaving in 3 short months makes me realize i don't have time to waste on anger. things will work out with school and money. this summer will be great if i want it to be.

holt is back. sarah's back. there's the zombie movie. there's a baby shower, parties, and concerts. the weather is beautiful. everyday, i discover a new song to fall in love with. i'm jogging, daily, again. i've resumed by wonderful balanced diet. the future is bright.

thank god i've finally snapped out of that funk! :)
serenity, kaylee, firefly

Damn you, Smith!

I can't believe how obsessed I've become with this band. I haven't been this insane over an album since I was DETERMINED to own a first edition LP of the Beatles' White Album (because I feel that every true Beatles fan needs to own that) and spent a lot of time, resources, and money tracking it down -- and it was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. I finally got it... only to discover that my dad already owned a copy and would have been willing to give it to me. Le sigh. What a mess!

So. That was 6 years ago. Now the band I'm obsessed with is Smith (not to be confused with THE Smiths, whom I also adore) and any of you who have seen Grindhouse, they sing "Baby It's You," which is one of my favorite tracks on the Death Proof soundtrack. So I kept listening to it over and over and over again. And then I remembered, in the back of my mind, that my mom used to sing that song all the time when I was really little. So I checked out her 8-track collection (yes, my mom has an 8-track collection as she doesn't believe in CDs and has already given me and my sibs her vinyls) and I found it... however, my mom no longer owns an 8-track player and I certainly don't own an 8-track player so this didn't *really* help me at all. So I went on and discovered that the cheapest CD version of their apparently one and only album (A Group Called Smith) is $80! And... I just do not have the finances for that right now. So the search has begun. I've found other 8-tracks, tapes, LPs... but I really want to own this on CD. I'll probably get the LP, fine, but let's be realistic here. I don't listen to vinyls very often (I'm not even sure if my speakers work at the moment!).

And, by the way, this has got to be the most undownloadable group I've ever come across in my entire life.

I can't do anything today. I can't concentrate on ANYTHING because all I'm thinking about is this damn CD. I have a bid on it on ebay... but otherwise, I don't know what to do. I've literally gone on every site I can think of that sells rare/random albums and I just can't find it anywhere... at least anywhere that's going to cost me, y'know, less than a 100 bucks.

So if anyone has suggestions regarding my current dilemma, I would appreciate it very much. I'm sure that if I do not figure something out soon, I'll be impossible to be around. <---- NOT KIDDING!!

Thanks, all.

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go go, not cry cry

i'm happy because:

1 - steven is coming back (even if for a little while) this weekend!
2 - the spider-man 3 premiere is this thurs night @ midnight!
3 - i'm working on a zombie movie this summer with my amazing friends
(and ps, we need volunteers to be zombies!)
4 - holt will be back on the 16th!
5 - the final harry potter book is FINALLY coming out
6 - i'm going to go to nyc at some point for coney island and broadway goodness!
7 - i'll be starting my new life in santa fe towards the end of the summer!

i feel as though my life is so jam-packed with opportunities and actual fun for the first time in so long... and all my friends will be around me again, at long last! well, except for a few that i will miss dearly... in general though, things are going quite swimmingly. i wish i didn't have to keep my job right now, there are so many other things i'd rather be doing. ah, sigh. the real world always slips in no matter how much you try and ignore it.

ps - does anyone want to see grindhouse with me? i need to see it again before it escapes theaters!

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Never gonna break my faith...

Every once in a while, you watch a film that -- all jokes aside -- inspires you to... be more. Every once in a while, you watch a film that really tells you something that really gets past the surface of things. Bobby was one of those films. It literally brought tears to my eyes and made me believe that people are capable of change, of being great. It made me think of a time when so many people in this country had hope that better days were ahead.

I just read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (again) recently and now I want to read all about Bobby Kennedy. I want to know everything about him. The Kennedys have always fascinated me and is it any wonder why? Bobby Kennedy was the type of person who not only believed in equality but believed in the inherent goodness in people and spoke, so poetically, about hope and justice and liberty. He and MLK had so many similiarities and such strong, beautiful souls that it is so painful -- even today -- that their lights were burned out so early on. And yet they remain inspirations to so many still and their memories continue to live on.

RFK said, in his victory speech at the Ambassador,  "I think we can end the divisions within the United States. What I think is quite clear is that we can work together in the last analysis. And that what has been going on with the United States over the period of that last three years, the divisions, the violence, the disenchantment with our society, the divisions- whether it's between blacks and whites, between the poor and the more affluent, or between age groups, or in the war in Vietnam - that we can work together. We are a great country, and unselfish country and a compassionate country."

His words... his passion... his beliefs... it makes me believe in America. It makes me believe in the world, in people, in change. Naive? Perhaps, but it's the kind of naivety that can change the course of history. It's the kind of optimism I've seen in so few public figures today.

Oh my God, I still have goose bumps. I'm so happy that this is going to be the last thing I think about before I go to bed tonight.

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My favorite new wavey songs of late

1) "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" - Split Endz
2) "Oblivious" - Aztec Camera
3) "Somewhere in my Heart" - Aztec Camera
4) "I Don't Like This" - The Radio Dept
5) "Ceremony" - New Order
6) "Ashes To Ashes" - David Bowie
7) "Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie
8) "You Spin Me Right Round" - Dead or Alive (overrated, but still awesome)
9) "Cruel Summer" - The Bangles (yes The Bangles, who are totally underrated!)
10) "The Killing Moon" - Echo & the Bunnymen
11) "Disorder" - Joy Division
12) "She's Lost Control" - Joy Division
13) "If You Leave" - OMD
14) "Electricity" - OMD
15) "The Sweetest Chill" - Siouxsie & the Banshees
16) "All Cats Are Gray" - The Cure
17) "Cemetary Gates" - The Smiths
18) "Pretty Girls Make Graves" - The Smiths
19) "The Promise" - When In Rome

This mix is pretty much going to be the only CD I listen to for the rest of the week. Just so ya know. <3

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Ah, VD...

I'm totally stealing this idea from my livejournal friend mrdrc but what's the diff, right? Anyway, I'd like you all to tell me your absolute FAVORITE romantic movie. Anything, no judgements, I'm just curious. Even if it's Romancing the Stone or Lolita or Terminator... people have different tastes and different opinions on what romance is. :)


My favorite (and this should come as NO shocker to people who know me) is Breakfast at Tiffany's. I cannot tell you how much I love this film. I love how flawed the characters are, and how those character flaws bring them together. And I adore Holly Golightly, and how there's something so tragic about her. The only other romantic movie I think I love as much is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, for the very same reason. I love flawed characters. I love movies that say, "Look, these people have problems. Big ones. And in all likelihood, they will never get over these problems. But love isn't about perfection, it's about a connection and even if it's all a big mistake... love doesn't always see that, even in the end." These two movies show this perfectly.

Ok... I've said mine... your turn!